“Going through perinatal and postnatal anxiety myself, and seeing my friends face similar issues, has really opened my eyes. In my role as both a Psychotherapist and Clinical Manager, I have seen how mood and anxiety disorders in the perinatal period can impact baby’s and their families. It’s tough because there’s a lot of fear and embarrassment about talking openly about these kinds of anxieties, especially those related to getting pregnant, being pregnant, and the stress of being a parent.

There’s a harmful idea out there that becoming a parent should be the happiest time of your life, but this isn’t always the case for lots of reasons. This can often create confusion and guilt and can really impact how new parents feel.

Social media doesn’t help either. It mostly shows parenting as this perfect, joyful experience, and rarely the tough parts. This makes a lot of parents scared to share the real story of what it’s like to have a baby. They worry that talking about the hard stuff might scare others or make it seem like they’re not grateful. But that’s not true.

It’s important to understand that when a baby arrives, new parents are born too. It’s a big change – you’re not just who you were before. Your body and mind go through a lot, and it’s different for everyone. If we don’t talk about these changes and challenges, it just makes people feel alone and ashamed, like they’re doing something wrong. That’s why I do what I do – to help break that silence and make sure parents know it’s okay to talk about the hard parts of parenting.”