There are many issues that lead people into homelessness and they all need help

“I always had issues with belonging. I lived in state care from a very early age. My parents had their own demons so they couldn’t take care of me. Even though I had eleven siblings and a twin sister, I was the only one who had to stay in the care system until I became an adult.
I moved to an after-care program where I was studying and doing some volunteer work while working part-time, but after the project finished I struggled. While I was doing my degree the grant I was getting was suddenly cut. I had no money to pay upfront so I had to leave college. Later my landlord sold his house without letting me know, he just packed up everything and left. My stuff was still there with a letter that said I had 24 hours to leave, as the new owner was about to move in. I had no money and no help. I was living week by week on the couches of my family and friends. Even though they made me feel welcome, I always felt like I was walking on broken glass. I had this extreme tension inside me. I never wanted to be a burden on anybody. Because of the constant tension and not being able to move forward, I developed depression and anxiety and soon my mental health broke down. It was only in time, with the help of Focus Ireland I was able to make myself stable again. Once they helped me to find a house to live in, I started to work on my personal problems. Today, I have a full-time job, I’m back in college, I take care of myself and I finally feel ready to start a relationship. People need to understand that nobody chooses to become homeless. There are many issues that lead people into homelessness and they all need help. Everyone should have somewhere to call home. “


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