I got him as a pup on a whim

“I got him as a pup on a whim. I was quite unwell. Within five years I had lost one of my best friend and found my uncle dead in his house, they were both very close to me. I never really talked about it. I kept it to myself and because of that, I didn’t get to grieve. My mental health was up and down and to put it bluntly, I was struggling. I was on my own in a lot of ways. Getting Sam a year later gave me hope. I was able to do for him that I wasn’t able to do for myself. One day, I was stopped in traffic on the Samuel Beckett Bridge. It was a terrible, grey, rainy day. I was about to get out of the car and jump off the bridge. The tide was high and all I was thinking was how long it would be before I was no longer breathing. But my pal was with me, looking as he does. He depends on me for food and lodging, everything. I didn’t that day because of him. He saved me many times… Man’s best friend.”