If you don’t own a pet in Tel Aviv, you are not a proper Tel Avivi

“I used to work as a personal assistant for a CEO of a high-tech startup. It was good money but I hated it. I’ve always had a problem with high energy levels so when I had to sit in front of a computer in a small office for a whole day I got grumpy and depressed. My life changed when I decided to adopt my dog. I was still working in the office so like everyone else I had to hire a dog walker. Paying so much money for someone else to spend time with her made me think about my life and everything seemed to fall into place with the idea of changing my career. We have a saying that ‘If you don’t own a pet in Tel Aviv, you are not a proper Tel Avivi!’ Tel Aviv has the highest number of dogs per capita in the world and because of that, you see many, many dogs with their walkers all around the city. After quitting my assistant job, I became very popular as a walker because instead of taking lots of dogs at the same time, I focused on a couple at a time, paying attention to dogs with similar energy levels, sizes and ages. Most of the dogs I walk become friends and because they like to play together their owners get to meet and spend time together so eventually, they become friends as well. Tel Aviv has such a diverse culture so creating connections between dogs and people has become the most important part of my job.”

This series was created in Tel Aviv w/Vibe Israel.