Humans of Dublin have teamed up with the DSPCA for ‘Rescue Pets of Dublin’ and it will melt your heart

This week Humans of Dublin have teamed up with the DSPCA to create a page dedicated to rescue pets.

Humans of Dublin was founded by photographer Peter Varga to capture a portrait of the people who inhabit the capital.

But this week the popular Facebook page is teaming up with the DSPCA to capture the pets of their rescue shelter, each with their own heartbreaking tale to share.

It’s hoped that the collaboration will encourage people to adopt animals and it hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of puppy farms.

“Together we want to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and create public awareness of the plight many different kinds of animals endure while awaiting a home in shelters and rescue centres all around the globe,” they said.

The page features the plight of little Pirate, a plucky puppy who was rescued from a puppy farm, along with the rest of his litter.

“I came from a puppy farm. I was being shipped out of the country illegally, along with my siblings – we were going to be sold into the UK market. Some nice policemen found us hidden in a vehicle and we didn’t have the necessary paperwork or vaccinations to be taken out of the country so, we were taken to the DSPCA. The kind vets here gave us some medicine and we got a lovely bath which made us feel a lot better. I ate proper food for the first time and was delicious! I love to play and do fun stuff. I really miss my mum and I hope that she is doing ok, but by now she is probably having more puppies just like me, I hope the nice policemen will find her too. I am going to have a family of my own soon and so will my brother and sisters, which makes me really really happy.”(Pirate)

It’s not just dogs who are looking for homes, cats like little Raisin (below) are also looking for a new family.

“I came here a couple of weeks ago after my owners moved away and left me behind. I’m so scared and confused, but I’m starting to learn that things are gonna be ok from now on. I need a home with someone quiet who will give me the tender loving care and time I need. I’m only a young girl, about 1-year-old. I don’t really know what, “neutered’ means but they told me I’ll be ok soon, meanwhile I have to wear this cone that makes me look a bit silly.” (Raisin)

The comments section has been flooded with stories from social media users sharing their own animal tales. It’s probably the most adorable discussion to ever take place in the comments thread. Absolutely heartwarming.

DSPCA can’t guarantee that all pets featured in the series will be available for adoption but people are encouraged to visit the centre and meet some of the little animals who are looking for a new home.

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