Inspiring Irish 92-year-old shares AMAZING life motto: ‘Keep doing anything you are able to do’

An inspiring 92-year-old Irish man has shared his life motto: “Keep doing anything you are able to do.”

The man spoke of the importance of continuing to do your best and not giving up.

His touching story was shared on the Humans of Dublin Facebook page, alongside a picture of him grinning.

He said: “My motto in life is ‘Keep doing anything you are able to do!’ It may sound simple, but let me put it in other words.

“It came back to me recently because somebody saw me putting on my socks standing up after swimming in the sea. The person was worried that I’d fall.

“You see, I’m 92 years of age, and I always put them on that way. I’m not planning to change it while I can do it. You can’t give up on yourself before life does!”

His story quickly clocked up over 3,000 reactions and was shared more than 250 times.

The man was named in the comments as Nicky Cornish and people commended him for his positive attitude to life.

One person said: “It’s not the years in your life that matter, but the life in your years. You are an inspiration.”

Another added: “Great attitude, looking fabulous, continued good health.”

A third simply said: “God you’re a spritely looking 92 year old! Fair play to you!!!”

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